deets 4 beats

My story

Got my start at a young age when I was in charge of playing music for family events and outing.  I would simply stand by the radio and change channels between commercials.  

It wasn't until the 90s that I experienced what it was really like to play music for the masses and actually jockey songs around from CD to CD.  I caught the fever, the fever that by playing music, people were happy, dancing and enjoying life.  I felt empowered.  I could diffuse a fight by simply changing the song that made the entire situation feel silly.

Moving forward 20+ years, I moved to a small town South of Grand Rapids, MI where I revitalized my passion for playing music for the people.  Updated my system, and brought music videos back to big screen.  I have a small group of friends that show their support to which my friend Tony, creatively, dubbed me SweebeNation.  Thus the "Nation" was born at the young age of 47.

I love music. All music. I get joy out of seeing people have a great time through the power of music. However there are times when certain songs just don't fit the situation or current vibe. So we feel it's best that the DJ reserve the right to refuse a request in the event: the DJ feels it's inappropriate, it will kill the mood of the crowd, doesn't have the song or doesn't like the song (but that has never happened). If your request is not played right away, be patient. Sometimes a good song just needs to find their place in rotation. Ok... let's rock!​